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15 Jan 2014


All of the great tools at SYN Shop need storage, accessories and maintenance. Because this takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to do, we are asking the members to help make the shop areas more organized and useful.
If you have some time and would like to take on one of the projects below, please contact us via the general mailing list (you must join the list to post). Also, if you have ideas of things we should have in the space (equipment, organization tools, a better layout for work flow, etc.), let us know and we will review and add it to the list if it makes sense. 
This is your space. Help us make it safer, keep it clean and maintain the tools in good working order. This benefits you when you are working on your project and when others are working on theirs.
Danger Room:

  • make soft jaws for bench vise
  • table saw riving knife (mod, since it's not designed for one)
  • roller base for drill press
  • safety posters (in progress)
Craft Area:
  • access/tracking system
  • security system (in progress)
  • equipment maintenance