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SYN Shop - The Las Vegas Hackerspace

We will be finalizing our projects and setup for July's First Friday (July 6th). Come help meet the group and help out. You can look at the status of our projects here:

Saturday, June 30 at 11:00 AM

22 Jun 2012

Dangerous Prototypes sent us some cool stuff!

Come meet up with the group this Saturday at Mark's place and help prepare for our First Friday booth to make the rest of Las Vegas aware of our hackerspace or just come to meet people and work on your own stuff.

19 Jun 2012
Project Nomad is the idea to turn a 30 year old mini-computer, a PDP-11/23, into a mobile robot. The purpose, other than building awesome, is to use the PDP-11 in a Defcon Programming contest called Crash and Compile. We figure that driving your development environment up to the stage to compete has to be worth some style points. We're going to keep you updated on the project with video releases, the first of which you can see here when you click on "read more".

We'll be gethering for another Saturday Hack Fest at Mark Koch's house.  We'll be working on projects related to our booth at First Friday.  All are welcome.  Bring something to hack on or just come over to help out.

We will have a cooler with ice, so bring a few of something to drink and a snack or two.

Address is: 8005 Firethorn Lane, Near Eastern and Windmill.  We'll be out back in the shop.  Saturday June 16,  11am-5pm.

We've been working on the "Do-Nato" (donation-tornado) to provide an entertaining way of collecting donations from our patrons. Come see the Do-Nato in action at First Friday Las Vegas on July 6, 2012!   Syn Shop hackers in the video (from left to right) are Elias, Nate and Mark.

Another great and productive First Friday Hackathon at Mark J Koch's house. We had a couple of new faces show up and help out on the projects. 

SYN Shop is planning on showing at a First Friday soon! We all got together last weekend to plan and work on getting some cool stuff ready for our booth. Expect interactive stuff to make and do when you come see us! Watch this space to know which First Friday we're popping up at.

Some photos of our project day (see more when you view this blog post):

SYN Shop sign

blinky ball test

Charlie's blinky ball Arduino powered prototyping board

27 May 2012

SYN Shop held their First Friday project day this weekend, which was productive and a lot of fun!

I thought I'd share a quick behind the scenes video of what we got up to, enjoy.

We've just pulled the trigger on migrating to the new server for the SYN Shop site.  We have a snazzy new Drupal based front end, that James has put a lot of work into getting up and running.  He's done a great job in getting things working before he and Rebecca head off for their wedding/honeymoon.