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Another great and productive First Friday Hackathon at Mark J Koch's house. We had a couple of new faces show up and help out on the projects. 

Nathan Bryant's Do-Nado project is now in testing phase and we should have a video of the build to post soon.

We're expecting to set up a full-size mock-up of the booth next Saturday with tables, chairs and projects to see how everything will fit.

RC Wonderly (from FF), stopped by to see our projects and offer support. We may be doing a joint-venture project with him and the art community at a later First Friday.

Susan Hinton is working on the next version of the website and looking at a debut in a couple weeks. 

Charley Jones should be in production mode with the BlinkyBall build this week and we may need some extra help programming chips and general assembly. We're going to try to make about 100 of the cute little blinky buggers before July 6th. If you have idle hands, let us know.

Things are getting exciting!

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by James C on Sat, 06/09/2012 - 20:54

Great write-up Bill, I'm promoting this to the front-page :)